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10 Top Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas

10 Top Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas


Love it or hate it – there is no getting through the Valentine’s Day weekend without seeing at least one explosion of red and pink hearts, roses and all things lovey-dovey. So INDEX Digital has compiled an alternative Valentine’s Day guide.

1. Volunteer – use your time to help others

Whether the elderly, the homeless or the stressed out mum who lives a few doors down. Offer a helping hand and you never know what you could end up doing or who you could end up meeting!

cocktails-1149171_19202. Go on a friend date

Celebrate a different type of relationship and spend some time with a good friend.

3. Change the date

If you fancy going out for dinner, single or coupled up, this weekend can get pretty pricey so celebrate the weekend before or after.

valentines-day-624440_19204. Treat yourself to flowers or a present

Why not treat yourself for being wonderful just the way you are?!

5. Celebrate International Quirky Alone Day / Singles Awareness Day

Yes they exist, so Singles Awareness Day (15th February) celebrations are as the name suggests, just for singles. Celebrate with friends who also fancy a break from the consumerist holiday. International Quirky Alone Day is part of the quirkyalone movement: a mind-set where you find happiness within yourself. It is a DIY celebration of romantic, friendship and independent spirit on 14th February.

6. Try a new way to listen to music with a Sofar Sounds event

Apply for the invite-only private event where the music comes first. Be warned you sit on the floor and part of the event is to talk to someone you don’t know – but if music is your thing don’t miss out on this social event.

the-pleiades-star-cluster-11637_19207. Spend an evening under the stars at London’s Royal Observatory

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be all about hearts – try learning a thing or two about the stars.

8. Take a solo trip

Meet new people, see new places… try one of these solo travel specialists for an individual holiday: / / / – see the Travel section in the February INDEX magazine for more ideas!

9. Anti-Valentine Red Dress, Black Tie Cabaret Bash

Looking for a party? Look no further with this cabaret event…

Anti-Valentine Red Dress, Black Tie Bash

bows-and-arrows-650474_192010. Follow in cupid’s footsteps with an archery lesson

If cupid isn’t hitting the right target – try it for yourself. Just remember to stick to aiming at the board! Try Archery Fit and Experience Archery for beginner’s classes.

Failing that – reach for a large tub of ice-cream and a spoon… have fun whatever your plans this Valentine’s Day!

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