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Create your ultimate Christmas feast

Create your ultimate Christmas feast


The new M&S Foodhall Tonbridge opens on Wednesday, 7th December and brings the very best of M&S food to the local area, just in time for Christmas. From delicate canapés and freshly prepared winter meals, to indulgent desserts and celebratory tipples, Josh Parkes, Store Manager at M&S Foodhall Tonbridge, shares his top tips to ensure your Christmas entertaining is as stress-free as it is delicious.

Josh commented: “One of the highlights of Christmas is enjoying fantastic food with family and friends. It’s the season to indulge and we all have our favourites; buttery mince pies, cinnamon-infused mulled wine, golden roast potatoes and succulent turkey to name but a few. Our new store in Tonbridge provides all the Christmas classics as well as festive twists on traditional favourites, which promise to surprise and delight your guests. Here are a few of my favourite items to look out for this year which will bring that extra sparkle to your Christmas…”

Starters and Canapés

“It’s party season so having ready-to-go canapés will ensure you’re set for entertaining and our freshly prepared choices will also mean you have more time with your guests. The Mini Smoked Salmon Pearls (£7) are beautiful and look like they’ve been plucked straight from the ocean and the traditional Hog Roast on Mini Pork Crackling Plates (£6) are sure to be a crowd pleaser, full of hearty flavours and a great crackling crunch.”

Main course

“Your choice of centrepiece is the most anticipated part of a Christmas menu and selecting the right meat or vegetarian option is essential. Our Pork & Cranberry Oakham Turkey with Maple Bacon Crown (£35 and £40) can be bought in two different sizes, which is perfect for when you’re hosting parties of different numbers. For a different take on turkey but an equally stunning centrepiece, our Lamb Crown with Parsnip Stuffing and Red Wine Jus (£40) is a fantastic option. The stuffing is delicately placed inside the crown, making for a great surprise for your dinner guests when placed on the table.

“Our Three Squash Bake (£6) is a brilliant veggie option or side. The bake includes butternut, kabocha and acorn squash, in a creamy cheese and lentil sauce, topped with Italian cheese and a hazelnut crumb. If there’s any leftovers it will also be a great edition to your bubble and squeak recipes!”


“I love a good Christmas dessert and, for those with any room left after their meal, M&S has a fantastic selection of tempting treats. Inspired by a gingerbread house, the Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake (£12) is layered with milk chocolate buttercream and has a hidden centre of golden chocolate sixpence coins covered with soft icing – perfect for the younger members of the family and chocoholics. If you’re after just a touch of sweetness our Prosecco Mallows (£4) and Red Velvet Truffles (£10) will hit just the right note.”


“No festivity is complete without a Christmas tipple and this year we’ve introduced a really creative selection of drinks which are conversation starters in themselves. Our No Big Dill Gin Cocktail (£12) is inspired by the trend for herb based cocktails and infuses gin with dill and a touch of elderflower – refreshing and delicious! For an after dinner tipple the Gold Crème Brûlée Liqueur (£10) is ideal. The luxurious velvety liqueur captures the taste of Christmas and will bring your festive entertaining to an enchanting close.”

M&S Foodhall Tonbridge, Cannon Street, Tonbridge, TN9 1PN will be open Monday – Saturday from 8am – 8pm and 10am – 4pm on Sundays.

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