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Beauty and the beach

Beauty and the beach


Take the stress out your holiday beauty prep with our essential tips, plus news and buys

It’s that time of year again when the excitement revs up a gear as the annual two-week getaway gets closer. Whether you’re staying put for the holidays or flying away to foreign climes, staying safe in the sun, hair and skincare – and not forgetting those feet which have spent winter months in tights and most likely boots – top the beauty agenda.

Get glowing

The shop shelves are full of sunscreen lotions and potions but which is best for you, your family and your skin type? As a general rule, the paler your skin, the higher sun protection factor (SPF) you will need – ideally a SPF50. However as well as SPF, check the PA ratings too, which refer to the amount of protection the sunscreen offers from the UVA rays. SPF just ranks protection from UVB rays.
You can’t be 100% protected from UVB rays and the potency of your SPF isn’t the dictator. SPF50 gives 97% protection, however that’s only 1% more than SPF30. The difference in factors is the guideline to how long you can be exposed to the sun before reapplying.
Keep children safe in the sun by using nothing lower than an SPF30 on the body plus a higher SPF on noses and cheeks. Remember to reapply often, and keep little ones and toddlers out of the direct sunlight, especially at midday.

Faking it

If you want a little colour to pep you up and fancy a fake tan, remember that preparation is key – shower, shave and then buff/exfoliate (tip: always use a mitt) all over to break down the build-up of dead skin. If waxing’s your thing, strip away hairs 24 hours beforehand. Apply moisturiser over dry areas such as knees, elbow and heels.
St Moriz Self Tan Applicator Mitt (rrp £3) follows the curves of your body and allows just enough colour to transfer onto the skin while blending it in evenly, helping you to achieve a streak-free professional finish. Using your hands stains the palms and gives an uneven finish/will leave streaks.
Tip! If you’re travelling anywhere with humidity, you may find a fake tan fades quicker than usual as sweating can mottle the colour.

• The mitt (right) is available from Asda, Kings Hill and Tunbridge Wells, and Wilko, RVP, Tunbridge Wells

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