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Canterbury Cathedral stone auction raises over £200,000

Canterbury Cathedral stone auction raises over £200,000


An auction for stone that was originally used in one of Canterbury Cathedral’s most imposing windows has raised £210,000 for future conservation of the South East’s World Heritage Site.

The project to completely rebuild the Great South Window began back in 2009, and cost £2.5m after a chunk of rock fell from the frame, which prompted the area to be completely wrapped in scaffolding to protect it and it also signaled the start of the major seven year project to replace the frame and protect the valuable stained glass it displayed.

Over 140 lots of stone were sold at auction and the highest prices paid were at the end of the auction when two pieces of Caen stone. known as principal springers, from 1428 fetched £7,400 each.

Scaffolding on the exterior of the building has now been completely removed.


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