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Encouraging Your Partner to Start a New Hobby? Here’s How You Can Help

Encouraging Your Partner to Start a New Hobby? Here’s How You Can Help


A new hobby can be a meaningful and rewarding way to spend time. Whether it’s taking up photography, pedalling on a bike or sweating in the gym, it’s something that recharges us and helps us to feel that we have lots of good things going on in our lives…something that’s very important if we’re working hard or are under any kind of mental, physical or financial strain!

But, when there’s two of you in a relationship (and perhaps children in the equation too), it takes extra effort to start and sustain a past time. Here’s how you can support and encourage your partner’s new hobby.

Show them you’re on board

Your partner’s new hobby might tie in with what you like to do, but there’s a good chance it’s something you’re not the least bit enthusiastic about! Nonetheless, take an interest. Ask questions about their hobby and try to reflect their passion while you’re discussing their new past-time. Even if it’s not something you want to take up yourself, it’s healthier and kinder for you to not belittle, mock or show distaste for their new hobby.

Research online

There are plenty of Facebook groups and popular hashtags centred around your partner’s new hobby. So, spend half an hour researching what’s out there and share your findings: helping to connect your partner with like-minded people is a supportive thing to do.

Sign them up for magazine subscription

As well as online material, there are plenty of magazine subscriptions that are available and likely to tie into your partner’s hobby. For instance, an angling magazine is bound to help your partner feel motivated if they’re waiting for a fish to bite, and if nothing else, it will keep them occupied if there’s nothing much to catch!

Facilitate it

Some hobbies are cheap and cheerful, but plenty come at a cost. For instance, taking up ice hockey, becoming a pro baker or repairing cars might mean you need to dig deep and help find the money to support their idea. So long as your household can afford the new hobby, enable it by contributing financially or scaling back on other areas.

Cheer your partner on when they’re doing well and ask if there’s anything you can do to help (such as driving them somewhere or preparing them a meal to take with them). Of course, this is all very generous of you, but if it’s met with appreciation and gratitude you’re bound to keep it up!

Of course, it can be hard to make room for your partner’s new interest, so if you find that you’re missing out on quality time with them or it’s unsustainable from a financial perspective, be sure to raise the issue calmly and not let it fester.

Join in

Finally, if it’s something you think you might like doing, why not ask to join in? Studies have shown that sharing a new hobby is beneficial to your relationship. Your partner will be spurred on by your willingness to give it a go, and will appreciate your great attitude too. And, you’ll get to see a new side of them – if they’re good at their hobby it might surprise you to discover just how attractive competence is!


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