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Feeling fab at 50 & beyond!

Feeling fab at 50 & beyond!


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Award-winning actress Dame Helen Mirren recently revealed that she’s more confident at the age of 70 than she has ever been. The secret? According to Helen, it’s, “learning to let go and feel liberated”.

So, Warner Leisure Hotels, the adult-only hotel group, decided to carry out research amongst UK adults to identify at what age they have felt or do feel most confident and why.

The research revealed that Brits’ confidence is highest during their 50s (22%), compared to any other time in life, with teenage years (13-19) being identified as the time when people feel least confident (4%).

Almost half (40%) claim they feel most confident because they have learnt to worry less about what people think of them, 15% claim it is because they have greater self-awareness, and one in 10 (12%) reveal their confidence has spiked because they’ve learnt to let go of worries.

When asked what one piece of advice they would give their younger selves, the majority of respondents suggested points based on worrying less, seizing the day and relationships.
One respondent answered: “Try everything on offer once; if you don’t like it, you never have to do it again, but you’ll always regret the things you didn’t do,” whilst another respondent said: “Seize every opportunity for adventure, and don’t waste time on dodgy men. The right one will come along eventually.”

Girl power!

Meanwhile, nearly half a million women in the UK will turn 50 this year – including Kent-based Davina McCall, Kate Garraway and Ulrika Jonsson. But far from feeling past their heyday, 82% of women are winding up, not down, as they approach this landmark birthday, according to a new survey by Boots UK.

The poll, which quizzed 1,002 women turning 50 in 2017, revealed:

• More than a quarter (27%) plan to travel and see more of the world.

• One in five (19%) are now doing more exercise than ever before.

• One in seven plan to take up volunteering.

“Women turning 50 now feel younger than their previous generations, with most viewing this time in their lives as a threshold of new opportunities and experiences,” says psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, adding: “That said, turning 50 heralds a decade of transition, with many physical and psychological changes on the horizon, and there are some women who are feeling less certain about their next life chapter.”

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