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Food, glorious, food!

Food, glorious, food!


Other than our journey to work and the weather, food is one of the most commonly discussed topics in the workplace – and we actually first start making plans for dinner at approximately 1.40pm.

In fact, women spend two-and-a-half hours a day thinking about food, with crisps proving to be the go-to craving snack. But perhaps that’s not as much time as it seems when busy parents have to think about breakfast, packed lunches, after school snacks, tea time treats, dinner…to name but a few.

According to a recent survey by Nature Valley, in which 3,000 men and women were polled, the average woman will spend one hour and 26 minutes thinking about food every day, and 59 minutes talking about it to their friends or colleagues.

That’s a total of two hours and 25 minutes with food on their mind every day – almost 17 hours a week, while men will spend just one hour and 59 minutes a day talking or thinking about food – less than 14 hours a week.

Almost one in 10 women admit to regularly talking to complete strangers about their hunger or food plans for that day, with what you are having for dinner? the most popular food thought or conversation among women (59%) followed by what you really want to be tucking into and foods and meals you have cooked recently.

Snack attacks normally start to hit by midday, with the average female tucking into two snacks such as crisps, biscuits, fruit or chocolate every day – and 56% revealing they keep a snake stored in their handbag or desk drawer ready for the moment a craving hit.

An impromptu draw search among the desks at the INDEX office revealed – cup a soups, Doritos, breakfast biscuits….

Top 10 food subjects to talk about

  1. What are you having for lunch/dinner?
  2. What you want to eat
  3. What I’ve cooked recently
  4. What you’ve eaten that day
  5. The number of calories
  6. Health benefits of a particular food
  7. How filling something will be
  8. The fat content
  9. Sugar content
  10. Health risks associated with different food and drinks

Top 10 snacks

  1. Crisps
  2. Biscuits
  3. Fruit
  4. Chocolate
  5. Cakes
  6. Cereal bars
  7. Nuts
  8. Sweets
  9. Dried fruit
  10. Carrot/celery sticks
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