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Get back on track

Get back on track


The combination of festive indulgence and the harsh winter weather conditions can take their toll on both your skin and hair, so make sure that as the new year dawns you get back on track

As the new year arrives and you reflect on all the big meals, chocolates, alcohol and other indulgences you have enjoyed, it is time to get your body back in shape both inside and out. So as the temperature continues to plummet, take a moment to think about rehydrating and winter-proofing your hair.
At this time of year your hair will face extremes of weather changes, as going from the cold outdoors to centrally-heated rooms means the moisture content in the air changes, causing the protein bonds in your hair to expand and contract leading to dry, brittle and frizzy hair.
To avoid this, using products that form a barrier between your hair and the atmosphere, such as Philip Kingsley’s Preen Cream, will smooth strands while discouraging moisture from entering the hair cuticles.
If you’ve opted to wear a hat in an attempt to combat these temperature changes and find that it is leaving your hair flat and scalp sweaty then invest in a dry shampoo spray to help keep you looking good on the go.
Locking moisture into your hair is key, so consider investing in a moisturising shampoo, alternatively make a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment part of your weekly hair care routine.
Regular trims are important all year round, but even more so now, especially if you have been styling your hair more over the party season. Spending a little extra time blow drying your hair rather than using straightening appliances will reduce damage through further moisture loss, but if you still prefer to use appliances make sure you use a heat protect spray.
If you’re feeling brave, then to get some extra shine in your locks blast your hair with cold water at the end of your shower – it has long been claimed to reduce frizz! Plus avoid brushing wet hair, instead use a comb.
Argan oil is great to use during the cold months as it not only moisturises the hair instantly but it also adds nutrients to your scalp combating dandruff, which is more prone at this time of year.
You can also protect your hair while sleeping – 100% silk pillowcases are believed to be friendlier to your hair as man-made fabrics can catch or rub strands.
And don’t forget it is not just about the products you put on your hair – eating healthily and drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day will help keep your hair in good condition. Fresh fruit and veg and proteins like fish, eggs and lean red meat are good for your body all round too.

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