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Going Higher

Going Higher


If your child has just completed his or her first term in Year 11, now’s a good time for them to start thinking about Higher Education. The rounds of open days are about to begin at universities around the country but perhaps they could also look further afield? Nowadays students can consider studying at universities and colleges all around the world, although some might require specific preparation and even additional exams such as SATs.

Brighton College, for example, is noticing many more students wanting to study abroad and has risen to the challenge by offering in-house SATs preparation in addition to support and advice for its students.

Employers look favourably on applications from those who have studied abroad because it is likely to have extended the experience of the candidate – something not to be ignored in a somewhat saturated job marketplace for graduates.

There are many avenues of research for those thinking about studying abroad, but perhaps a good place to start is the UK’s biggest event dedicated to the topic – the Student World Fair, which takes place during March in London.

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