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Hilden Oaks School & Nursery Open Days

Hilden Oaks School & Nursery Open Days


 Open Days:

• Thursday 26th April, 9.00 am – 11.00am
• Thursday 3rd May, 9.00 am – 11.00 am

Unlock the door to your child’s future with Hilden Oaks exceptional independent education for children from 3 months to 11 years old. They had a 100% pass rate for the 11 plus exam in 2017 and are one of only three schools in Kent to be awarded a Values-based Education (VbE) Quality Mark from the International Education Trust (IVET), in recognition of its implementation and use of Values-based Education, to enhance academic attainment and develop pupils’ lifelong social and relationship skills. In making the award, the IVET Inspector noted:

“The overall atmosphere of this highly achieving, successful school is one of nurturing and care for the whole school community.”

Core values

Values-based Education is a successful worldwide transformational movement for positive change in education. It empowers schools to underpin their life and curriculum with universal positive human values such as respect, integrity, honesty and compassion. It is an approach that creates an inspirational learning environment and enhances pupils’ academic attainment. It also supports pupils in developing strong social and interpersonal skills that nurture an enhanced appreciation of and respect for the feelings of others and increased self-confidence.

Katy Joiner, Headmistress of Hilden Oaks, said: “I introduced Values-based Education to Hilden Oaks when I became Headmistress in 2015. I believe that has helped to develop a school culture where all members of the school community feel respected and valued and want to extend that same respect to each other. This creates a secure foundation for pupils to challenge themselves and to take responsibility for their own learning. It also provides a common vocabulary for pupils and staff alike to express their thoughts and emotions in a way that encourages true emotional intelligence.”

The school has adopted a suite of 22 values, which were selected by pupils, parents and staff and each value becomes the focus for one month. Children are rewarded for demonstrating the desired values, with wooden acorns, which are collected to win whole school prizes. The values are integral to everyday life at Hilden Oaks, supporting social interaction and creating an enhanced learning environment for both pupils and staff.

In recommending that the school be awarded the VbE Quality Mark, the inspector noted:  “Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education flows through the school. The links between values and social/emotional behaviour are extremely strong and the maturity the children have in linking these areas to their academic learning is impressive. The overall atmosphere of this highly achieving, successful school is one of nurturing and care for the whole school community.”

In December 2017 the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) awarded Hilden Oaks School & Nursery an ‘Excellent’ rating in all areas and ‘Outstanding’ for the under-two’s provision, which are the highest ratings ISI give.  In his report, the Lead Inspector said:

“Pupils show a strong desire to do the best they can, in a school which encourages reflection and aspirational attributes, through an agreed set of values that are regularly referred to during daily school activities.  These have a positive impact on pupils’ attainment over time.” 

If you are interested in finding out more about a Values-based Education for your child, Hilden Oaks School & Nursery, Tonbridge warmly invite you to attend one of their Open Days (listed above), or call:  01732 353941 to arrange a tour of the school, on a date that suits you.  Further information may be found at:


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