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Top 10 Most Embarrassing Things to do at a Restaurant

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Things to do at a Restaurant


One in five of us have been embarrassed by our other halves when eating out, however sending back an order has topped a poll of the most embarrassing things you can do at a restaurant.

The survey, which was commissioned by Subway, also showed that a date being on the phone when ordering or speaking with their mouths full came high up in the list, as did being left red-faced after your dinner date struggling to pronounce an order correctly, clicked their fingers at staff or complained unnecessarily about something.

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Top 10 reasons to be embarrassed by your dinner date

1. Sent back an order

2. Complained about the service

3. Negotiate substitutes - e.g. swapping

4. Ordered a dish that wasn't on the menu

5. They asked for ketchup

6. They clicked a serving staff

7. Complained about the food

8. Mispronounced something from the menu

9. Ordered too much food

10. Refused to pay for their order

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