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Pepenbury releases anti-bullying film

Pepenbury releases anti-bullying film


Pembury-based charity Pepenbury has launched an anti-bullying campaign after feedback from the people they support with learning disabilites identified that they are being badly treated in the community.

The charity has put together a short film interviewing several people who have experienced bullying in schools, on the roads, and on public transport. They now hope that by taking this out to local schools and releasing this to the wider community they can highlight the issues and hope people will be more understanding.
Josh, who suffered lifelong injuries as a result of bullying in school, said: “They saw me as an easy target really, they thought let’s pick on the weaker one. They came up behind me. One of them pushed me over and decided to kick me in the back. It’s taken me up to using a walking stick and a walker. It made me feel sad, angry and worried. I was really frustrated. What those two bullies did was a bad thing.”

Pepenbury will be working with local schools in the area to speak at assemblies and highlight the issue and also educate local students about learning disabilities.
• If you would like to find out more about this campaign, contact Janine Jacquin on 01892 822168 or email

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