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School report

School report


New apprentice levy comes into force, tips to help pupils through testing exam times, fun at local forest school, plus news on winning pupils, the need for more schools and star pupil of the month.

As part of the drive to train three million new apprentices by 2020, last month saw the launch of the ‘apprenticeship levy’. Some employers, i.e. those with a pay bill of more than £3 million, are now required to contribute to a fund that helps to provide apprenticeship training.

The new apprenticeship funding, which begins from the 1st of this month, will eventually apply to all businesses, whether they pay the levy or not. Once employers have registered and paid their levy they can then access funding via a digital apprenticeship service account, which allows them to select and pay Government-approved training providers. The service, initially, is only available to employers who pay the levy but ultimately it will be able to be accessed by all.

The Government inputs a 10% funding ‘top-up’ so that employers have more to spend on training than they put in. Businesses will have two years in which to spend their funds.
There is concern, however, that the apprenticeship levy will impact severely on training budgets as employers are forced to divert funds to pay for the levy. For example, it is believed that budgets for management and leadership training will be cut – although there will be ‘senior leadership development’ training which will be funded via the apprenticeship levy.

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