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Tempt your healthy taste buds in 2018

Tempt your healthy taste buds in 2018


By the time January rolls around most of us feel the urge to start the year afresh, getting that inspiration to become a healthier version of yourself. This can often be short-lived though, with a lot of us falling back into those old, unhealthy eating habits.

Sugary snacks and fizzy drinks on the go, late night takeaways or pizza all add to the calorie count – which, from experience, are easier to put on than shed!
To help give a much-needed health kick-start post-Christmas, we look at some of the global food trends for the year ahead.
Milk it to the max With more and more people swapping milk for soya or almond options, supermarket and store shelves will be stacked with more non-dairy options from coconut yoghurts to unsweetened soya drinks.
Pack in the protein Whether it’s high-protein yoghurt, protein pea noodles or protein-rich breakfast bars we’ll all be opting to get more into our diet.
Get fruity Goodbye watermelon and hello mango as the fruit for 2018 – whether we’re eating it in its natural state, or adding it to wraps or yoghurt.
Talking turkey Turkey’s not just for Christmas – and apparently we’ll all be favouring the leaner, protein rich meat in 2018.
Water works Just acquiring the taste of coconut water? Well it’s time to move on! Apparently 2018 is the year we opt for water with added benefits like spring water with a hint of lemon and ginger, and sparkling water with a hint of cucumber and mint.
Chip off the old block Ah, the beloved veggie crisp has been around for a while, but it’s getting an upgrade with new innovative ingredients – look out for quinoa curls, brown rice and kale pop chips and chickpea puffs.
Meat-free feasts The rise of veganism and flexitarian diets means supermarkets are looking at new ways to create meat alternatives which, they claim, taste just like meat, with the same texture and smell.

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