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These are the times you’re most and least motivated at work

These are the times you’re most and least motivated at work


Who knew, it’s not colleagues, the office environment or bonuses that keeps office workers motivated, almost a third of Brits revealed that if anything could be delivered to their office to keep them driven, it’s food!

The study, commissioned by Deliveroo,  revealed that a third of office working Brits are demotivated at least three days of the week and 2pm on a Monday has been revealed as the time of peak demoralisation. However, the time of peak motivation has also been revealed, with Friday at 10am cited as the optimum hour for workers having the most drive.

One in four (25%)workers cited uninteresting colleagues as the reason for this dispiritedness, over half (52%) saw job monotony as the cause and one in three (35%) admitted the lack of positive feedback from their boss was to blame.
In fact, one in six (16%) workers claimed that when they aren’t in the mood, they simply give up and go home to try again tomorrow.

However, in true British fashion, workers revealed that the way to their heart was food, with three quarters (73%) stating that a team lunch would maintain a happy, motivated workforce. 70% of office workers believe work perks are an important part of recognition, in addition to salary. Almost a third (32%) want unlimited holidays as a perk, whereas one in four (20%) want a gym membership, but surprisingly, only 8% would value a work social.

On the flipside, more than a quarter (26%) of British offices do provide the option to work from home, a laptop and a work phone, however, food, the biggest motivator, was only provided by 4% of offices.

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