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Top 10 British Dishes

Top 10 British Dishes


The nation’s favourite British dish – what gets your vote?

A recent survey revealed the 43% of adults asked said British cuisine is the best in the world – fish ‘n’ chips topped the countdown of best British dishes, followed by a roast with Yorkshire pudding and a full English breakfast, while Victoria Sponge and the Cornish Pasty also featured in the top 40.

Some quintessential English snacks such as buttered crumpets, sausage rolls and Scotch egg were also in the list, while pub classics included bangers and mash, ham, egg and chips and a Ploughman’s lunch.

“Over the years the nation’s tastes have become increasing international when it comes to food,” said Tom Lowes, Marketing Manager at Skyes Cottages who commissioned the survey. “We want to try flavours from all over the world, and it is great that it’s so available to us. But we Brits are undoubtedly spoilt when it comes to great local cuisine…”

When it comes to washing all this great food down, the top drink was unsurprisingly revealed as a cup of builder’s brew, while for 13% it was a pint of real ale that epitomizes Britain, with one in 10 opting for a tall glass of Pimm’s packed with fresh fruit and ice as their chosen Brit classic.

Top 10 best British dishes

1. Fish 'n' chips

2. Roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding

3. Full English breakfast

4. Bacon butties

5. Apple crumble

6. Strawberries and cream

7. Bangers and mash

8. Cream tea

9. Shepherd's pie

10. Crumpets

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