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Virtual Reality Viewings…

Virtual Reality Viewings…


Tomorrow’s Technology Delivered Today

 By using a state of the art camera and some clever tech Martin & Co can now showcase properties to potential buyers and tenants wherever they are in the world as long as they have a lap top, phone or any other device that connects to the internet. By clicking on Martin & Co listings it will be possible to “walk” around the property from any location. Those with 3D headsets can move from room to room using just their eyes whilst most will simply click through.
Importantly this is not several stills of the property that are rotated with a backing track offered by many agents, this is a fully interactive viewing. Additionally there are fantastically detailed floorplans and an incredible “dolls house” view of the property that can be dragged and manipulated on screen to allow the full internals of the property to be seen from any perspective. To see this the technology please see a typical listing here We have even dedicated a landing page to explaining more at
The benefits are obvious; the viewer is able to save time and money carrying out wasted viewings and sellers not only save having to prepare for such viewings but also open up their property to the widest possible audience. If I had a pound for every vendor that has told me that they only want serious viewers to see their property…
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